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    • Yellowstone Park, bear-faced steal

    • A horse harnessed to a cart stands patiently while black bears rummage through trash cans loaded on the cart platform in Yellowstone National Park. Other bears dig through trash dumped on ground.
    • Yellowstone National Park--1900-1910.; Bears--Yellowstone National Park--1900-1910.; Carts & wagons--Yellowstone National Park--1900-1910.; Horses--Yellowstone National Park--1900-1910.; National parks & reserves--Yellowstone National...
    • [1905]
    • Prowers Co. Fair, Lamar

    • Teams of horses harnessed to wood frames, a car, men and a saddled horse are in the center of a circular, fenced racetrack at the Prowers County Fairgrounds in Lamar, Colorado. Spectators sit in bleachers.
    • Lamar (Colo.)--1910-1920.; Horse teams--Colorado--Lamar--1910-1920.; Racetracks (Horse racing)--Colorado--Lamar--1910-1920.; Spectators--Colorado--Lamar--1910-1920.
    • 1911, August 23-25
    • Central City, Colorado buildings

    • Six men pull a hose reel up the hill past the Williams' Stables building and Washington Hall in Central City, Colorado. The reel has wrought iron decoration and is being guided by a fireman dressed in fireman's coat and hat. Four other men, two...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1910-1940.; Washington Hall (Central City, Colo.)--1910-1940.; Stables--Colorado--Central City--1910-1940.
    • [between 1910 and 1940?]
    • Steamboat Springs, Colorado

    • Men and horses stand on the snow-covered street outside frame and log buildings in Steamboat Springs (Routt County), Colorado. A horse is harnessed to a sleigh beside buildings with signs that read: "The Saddle Rock Restaurant," "Milner & Metcalf...
    • Steamboat Springs (Colo.)--1880-1900.; Commercial streets--Colorado--Steamboat Springs--1880-1900.; Sleds & sleighs--Colorado--Steamboat Springs--1880-1900.
    • [between 1885 and 1895?]
    • An "Old Cow Town" County Fair in Hugo, Colorado, fall of 1907.

    • A group of men in "Cow Town" costumes for the County Fair in Hugo, Colorado, pose in front of businesses with signs reading "Lumber" and "Hugo Drug Store." Included are Henry Mathews, the Superintendent of Schools, Jack Keppy, and Judge Miles. The...
    • Hugo (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Costumes--Colorado--Hugo--1900-1910.; Fairs--Colorado--Hugo--1900-1910.
    • 1907
    • Coal trips, C. F. & I., Rouse, Colo.

    • A team of six mules pull coal carts out of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company Rouse Mine at Rouse (Huerfano County), Colorado. The animals are harnessed single-file and pull the carts down a narrow gauge track. A few miners are on the tracks in the...
    • Colorado Fuel and Iron Company--Facilities--1880-1910.; Rouse (Colo.)--1880-1910.; Rouse Mine (Huerfano County, Colo.)--1880-1910.; Coal mining--Colorado--Rouse--1880-1910.; Mine railroads--Colorado--Rouse--1880-1910.;...
    • [between 1888 and 1910?]
    • Eureka Street, Central City

    • View east down Eureka Street toward snow-covered Central Hill, with a wagon drawn by six white, harnessed horses. The driver of the wagon wears a hat and a work suit. The Teller House is to the left of the image and has a sign that reads "Assay...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Streets--Colorado--Central City--1890-1900.
    • [between 1890-1900]
    • Freighting out-fit, Rico, Colo.

    • Pairs of oxen harnessed to covered wagons stand or lie on a dirt street in Rico (Dolores County), Colorado. Oxen have yokes and are connected by chains. A boy wears a hat and sits nearby. Commercial buildings on the street have signs that read:...
    • Rico (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Boys--Colorado--Rico--1890-1900.; Carts & wagons--Colorado--Rico--1890-1900.; Commercial streets--Colorado--Rico--1890-1900.; Ox teams--Colorado--Rico--1890-1900.; Wooden sidewalks--Colorado--Rico--1890-1900.
    • 1890
    • Buena Vista Mine & Pikes Peak

    • View of Buena Vista Mine in Teller County, Colorado. Shows a partially constructed wood shafthouse with head frame, windlass, miners, and harnessed mule. Pikes Peak is in the distance.
    • Buena Vista Mine (Teller County, Colo.)--1880-1900.; Teller County (Colo.)--1880-1900.; Hoisting machinery--Colorado--Teller County--1880-1900.; Mine buildings--Colorado--Teller County--1880-1900.; Miners--Colorado--Teller County--1880-1900.;...
    • [between 1882 and 1900?]
    • Central City fire department

    • Spectators flank Main Street in Central City for the firemen's races in Central City, Colorado. The car in the foreground has an NBC/KOA antenna on the top of it. The door of the car has "Engineering Department Mobile Unit No. 4 KOA Denver" written...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1950-1960.; Crowds--Colorado--Central City--1950-1960.; Fire fighters--Colorado--Central City--1950-1960.; Racing--Colorado--Central City--1950-1960.
    • [between 1950 and 1960]
    • Stage between Rifle and Meeker

    • Men sit and pose on the Rifle-Meeker stage coach in Garfield or Rio Blanco County, Colorado. Men wear suspenders or jackets and hats and sit inside or on top of the stage coach. Identified men include: Leo Welch, Floyd Austin, Roy Marker (the...
    • Horse teams--Colorado--1900-1920.; Stagecoaches--Colorado--1900-1920.; Austin, Floyd.; Marker, Roy.; Welch, Leo.
    • [between 1900 and 1915?]
    • Colo. City Vol. Hose Co. in running postion

    • Colorado City Hose Team are harnessed to their hose cart with flexed muscles outside the fire station, South 26th (twenty-sixth) Street at Cucharas, El Paso County, Colorado. The captain in a light colored turleneck sweater and long pants stands in...
    • Colorado City (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Fire engines & equipment--Colorado--Colorado City--1900- 1910.; Fire fighters--Colorado--Colorado City--1900-1910.
    • 1901
    • People on a stagecoach

    • A man wears a suit and hat, tilts his head and poses in the driver's seat of a stagecoach. Women wear shawls and flat brimmed straw hats and pose on a passenger seat on the stagecoach roof. A man stands beside a harnessed team of horses. Hay is...
    • Passengers--1880-1900.; Stagecoaches--1880-1900.
    • [between 1880 and 1900?]
    • Aurora, S.D. harvest scene

    • A man drives workhorses harnessed to a machine to harvest wheat in a field in probably Aurora (Brookings County), South Dakota. Blankets cover the horses' harnesses. Wheat is piled in the field. A frame house with a pitched roof and outbuildings is...
    • Aurora (S.D.)--1870-1920.; Croplands--South Dakota--Aurora--1890-1920.; Harvesting--South Dakota--Aurora--1890-1920.; Horse teams--South Dakota--Aurora--1890-1920.; Wheat--South Dakota--Aurora--1890-1920.
    • [between 1890 and 1920?]
    • Cherrelyn horse car

    • John Bogue (conductor, driver and lessee) and his passengers pose on the Cherrelyn horse car with the harnessed horse, on the back platform, Cherrelyn, (district incorporated into Englewood) Arapahoe County, Colorado. The women wearing decorated...
    • Cherrelyn (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Street railroads--Colorado--Cherrelyn--1900-1910.
    • [between 1900 and 1910]
    • Up Castle Creek

    • View of two women and two young children sitting in an open carriage drawn by a harnessed chestnut horse, Aspen, Colorado; features a young girl alone in the front seat and two women and a little girl wearing a bonnet in the back; carriage has...
    • Aspen (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Carts & wagons--Colorado--Aspen--1900-1910.
    • 1909 July 24
    • Johnstown, Colorado

    • Members of the community of Johnstown, Colorado, in Weld County stand outside of the town billiard hall on a winter day. Two people sit in a horse-drawn sleigh. Two other men stand near their respective horses; one horse wears a blanket, and the...
    • Johnstown (Colo.)--1890-1900.; People--Colorado--Johnstown--1890-1900.; Sleds & sleighs--Colorado--Johnston--1890-1900.
    • [between 1890 and 1900]
    • Montrose, Colo. fire station

    • Members of the Montrose Fire Department pose in front of their fire house in Montrose, Colorado. Two firemen are on a carriage that has two horses harnessed to it. The building is a two story brick structure with a plaque on the front facade that...
    • Montrose (Colo.)--1910-1920.; Fire fighters--Colorado--Montrose--1910-1920.; Fire stations--Colorado--Montrose--1910-1920.
    • 1915
    • "Stringing" the great 100 pair cable-16G Toll Line, Colo, Telephone Co., Denver, Colo.

    • Workers for the Colorado Telephone Company stand in an alley with a spool of telephone wire, or pose harnessed to a wooden telephone pole in Denver, Colorado. Men carry tool belts, wear overalls, suspenders, hats and leather gloves.
    • Colorado Telephone Company--People--1880-1900.; Denver (Colo.)--1880-1900.; Linemen--Colorado--Denver--1880-1900.; Telephone lines--Colorado--Denver--1880-1900.; Utility poles--Colorado--Denver--1880-1900.
    • [between 1885 and 1900?]
    • South of Englewood, old car line to Cherrelyn from Englewood

    • View of the Cherrelyn horse car, with the harnessed horse on the back platform, as it crosses the wooden trestle, Cherrelyn, (district incorporated into Englewood) Arapahoe County, Colorado. The weathered wooden car has a back canopy, open windows...
    • Cherrelyn (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Street railroads--Colorado--Cherrelyn--1900-1910.
    • [1905]
    • First ground broke [sic] for street car line

    • Men pose beside mules, horses, and a dog on probably College Avenue on University Hill in Boulder (Boulder County), Colorado. Mules and horses are harnessed to probably grading equipment for a street car track line. Shows brick Victorian houses and...
    • Boulder (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Construction workers--Colorado--Boulder--1890-1900.; Construction--Colorado--Boulder--1890-1900.; Graders (Earthmoving machinery)--Colorado--Boulder--1890-1900.; Horses--Colorado--Boulder--1890-1900.;...
    • 1899 March 3
    • Fire Department, Evans, Colorado

    • Fifteen firemen in Evans, Colorado, are harnessed to a ladder wagon. They wear long underwear, trunks, and caps, and have ribbons on their chests. Two men in suits pose with them; people in bleachers and carriages are behind.
    • Evans (Colo.)--1900-1920.; Fire fighters--Colorado--Evans--1900-1920.
    • [between 1900 and 1920?]
    • Tionesta Valley Ry. S.C. Co. unloading Tionesta Valley Ry. racks in millyard, Hallton, PA.

    • View of Tionesta Valley Railway (owned by Susquehanna Chemical Corporation) wheeled racks, piled with logs, at a lumber mill yard in Hallton (Elk County), Pennsylvania. Shows a harnessed draft horse and two workers; one man sits on an embankment...
    • Susquehanna Chemical Corporation--1940-1950.; Tionesta Valley Railway Company--1940-1950.; Hallton (Pa.)--1940-1950.; Horses--Pennsylvania--Hallton--1940-1950.; Lumberyards--Pennsylvania--Hallton--1940-1950.;...
    • 1941 April 26
    • Trained wolf hunters

    • A man looks into a wagon with a canvas cover in probably New Mexico. Wolf pelts hang from the wagon sides. Two mules stand harnessed to the wagon, and a mule and donkey are tied to the back.
    • Wolves--Control--New Mexico--1910-1930.; Carts & wagons--New Mexico--1910-1930.; Hides & skins--New Mexico--1910-1930.; Wolf hunting--New Mexico--1910-1930.
    • [between 1915 and 1929?]
    • Rugby

    • Men and women pose on a porch of a two-story frame house with a second-story balcony in Rugby (Las Animas County), Colorado. A man and a woman with a formal hat sit in a horse-drawn carriage under a fringed parasol. A man stands and holds the...
    • Rugby (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Carriages & coaches--Colorado--Rugby--1900-1910.; Houses--Colorado--Rugby--1900-1910.; Men--Colorado--Rugby--1900-1910.; Women--Colorado--Rugby--1900-1910.
    • [between 1900 and 1910?]
    • Bobtail Tunnel

    • Miners and well dressed men sit or stand in ore cars hitched to an electric locomotive at the Bobtail Mine on Gregory Street in Black Hawk (Gilpin County), Colorado. Young boys stand on either side of the locomotive. The boys wear hats, or caps,...
    • Americus Mine (Gilpin County, Colo.)--1900-1910.; Blackhawk (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Bobtail Mine (Gilpin County, Colo.)--1900-1910.; Boys.; Mine railroads.; Miners.; Mining.
    • Warehouse & post office, Sneffles [sic], Colo.

    • View of the town of Sneffels (Ouray County), Colorado. Shows the two-story George R. Porter post office and general store with a false-front facade, John Ashenfelter's livery stable, a framed residence with porch, the shallow Sneffels Creek, log...
    • Sneffels (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Sneffels Creek (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Bridges--Colorado--Sneffels--1890-1900.; Carts & wagons--Colorado--Sneffels--1890-1900.; Stables--Colorado--Sneffels--1890-1900.; Streams--Colorado--Sneffels--1890-1900.
    • [between 1890 and 1900?]
    • We went to Lamar, and brought home the bacon

    • Ten firemen are harnessed to a hose reel for a race on an unpaved street in La Junta, Colorado in Otero County. Two other firemen stand behind the hosereel and lean against it. Brick commercial storefronts are along the street. Signs:...
    • La Junta (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Fire fighters--Colorado--La Junta--1900-1910.
    • 1902
    • Alert Hose Company

    • Firemen of the Central City Fire Department (Alert Hose Company) race in Central City (Gilpin County) Colorado; men harnessed to a hose reel wear shorts and long underwear, and include Thomas C. Bowden (Town Marshall) on the far right. Spectators...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Fire engines & equipment--Colorado--Central City--1900- 1910.; Fire fighters--Colorado--Central City--1900-1910.
    • [1900?]
    • Aspen, Colo. fire department

    • Fire fighters (dressed in shorts and sleeveless shirts) are harnessed to a hose reel ready for a race on an unpaved Aspen, Colorado, street. Four men stand behind the hose reel ready to push. A man in a white, long-sleeved shirt, a vest,...
    • Aspen (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Fire fighters--Colorado--Aspen--1900-1910.; Racing--Colorado--Aspen--1900-1910.
    • 1907
    • Prowers Co. Fair, Lamar

    • Men pose beside teams of horses and a car at the Prowers County Fair in Lamar (Prowers County), Colorado. Horses are harnessed to wood frames in the center of a fenced racetrack at the fair. Spectators are on bleachers or beside the fence nearby.
    • Lamar (Colo.)--1910-1920.; Automobiles--Colorado--Lamar--1910-1920.; Fairs--Colorado--Lamar--1910-1920.; Horse teams--Colorado--Lamar--1910-1920.; Racetracks (Horse racing)--Colorado--Lamar--1910-1920.; Spectators--Colorado--Lamar--1910-1920.
    • 1911, August 23-25
    • Logging, sledding

    • A team of draft horses stand ready to pull a log from a forest in Michigan. A lumberjack poses on the log and holds reins to the harnessed team. Another man stands on the muddy forest floor. A third man sits behind another team of work horses.
    • Horse teams--Michigan--1870-1890.; Loggers--Michigan--1870-1890.; Logs--Michigan--1870-1890.
    • [between 1870 and 1890?]
    • Central City transportation

    • Two stagecoaches are in the foreground. One is being drawn by four horses and is pulling out of a wood barn with a chimney and a gabled roof. The driver sits on top of the cab. The second stagecoach is parked alongside the front of the barn, with...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1870-1880.; Stagecoaches--Colorado--Central City--1870-1880.
    • 1875
    • Firemans Day

    • Crowds cover the sidewalks and people hang out of the windows of the buildings of Eureka Street in Central City, Colorado, to watch the fireman's races. Many of the spectators wear hats and wave American flags. A large striped arch stretches...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1870-1880.; Crowds--Colorado--Central City--1870-1880.; Fire fighters--Colorado--Central City--1870-1880.
    • [between 1870 and 1880?]
    • Wm. Looram, Wheeler Expedition

    • A man identified as William Looram wears pants tucked into boots, gloves and gauntlets, a moustache and a narrow brimmed hat and poses on a burro in Truckee (Nevada County), California. The harnessed and saddled burro pulls a waywiser, a survey...
    • Truckee (Calif.)--1870-1880.; Donkeys--California--Truckee--1870-1880.; Expeditions & surveys--California--Truckee--1870-1880.; Riding--California--Truckee--1870-1880.; Surveying equipment--California--Truckee--1870-1880.; Loorman, William.;...
    • London Bostomonger, A. E. Rofe

    • A. E. Rofe, London Bostomonger, sits in a donkey-drawn cart parade entry for the Flower (Sunflower) Carnival, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado. The man, with upside-down pipe, holds the reins and wears a corduroy suit with numerous...
    • Rofe, A. E.; Colorado Springs (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Donkeys--Colorado--Colorado Springs--1890-1900.; Floats (Parades)--Colorado--Colorado Springs--1890-1900.; Handicapped persons--Colorado--Colorado Springs--1890-1900.; Parades &...
    • 1895
    • Old friends, Newport '95

    • Two harnessed oxen stand next to a building in Newport, Rhode Island. The oxen have cloth blankets covering their backs.
    • Newport (R.I.)--1890-1900.; Ox teams--Rhode Island--Newport--1890-1900.
    • 1895
    • Horse parade @ Monte Vista, Colo.

    • Unpaved street in the commercial district of Monte Vista (also known as Lariat and Henry), Colorado in Rio Grande County. Men stand in street with harnessed livestock and horses. Signs read: "Ladies Rest Room," "Drugs Soda," "Paints," "Wallpaper."
    • Monte Vista (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Business districts--Colorado--Monte Vista--1920-1930.
    • [between 1920 and 1930?]
    • Mrs. J. McK. Ferriday & party

    • Dramatically lit image of Mrs. J. McK. Ferriday and others in light colored dresses and flowered hats in a crepe paper flower decorated cart during the Sunflower Carnival Parade, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado. Boys in suits and straw...
    • Colorado Springs (Colo.)--1890-1910.; Boys--Colorado--Colorado Springs--1890-1910.; Festivals--Colorado--Colorado Springs--1890-1910.; Floats (Parades)--Colorado--Colorado Springs--1890-1910.; Flowers--Colorado--Colorado Springs--1890-1910.; Horse...
    • [between 1893 and 1906?]
    • U.S. Gold Placers, no. 16, hauling pipes into place

    • Men haul a large section of water pipe on a small wooden skid through cedar and pine trees near the San Miguel River in Montrose or San Miguel County, Colorado. The pipe is to be used to move water for a hydraulic placer mine. A rope, attached to...
    • United States Gold Placers, Ltd.--1880-1890.; Construction workers.; Construction.; Gold mining.; Horses.; Hydraulic mining.; Pipelines.; Pipes (Conduits)
    • Mountain lion

    • View of a harnessed mountain lion which lies on dry grass and leaves near a tree. A rope and a chain are connected to the leather harness.
    • Pumas--1890-1910.
    • [between 1890 and 1910?]
    • Housemoving - Keota, spring 1925

    • Horses in Keota, Weld County, Colorado, are harnessed to wagon frames carrying a one room, frame shack. A boy holds the reins; dwellings and the Keota School are in the background.
    • Keota (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Horses--Colorado--Keota--1920-1930.; Moving of structures--Colorado--Keota--1920-1930.
    • 1925
    • Jno Ashenfelters Transportation Co Mt Sneffles, Colo

    • Men drive teams of harnessed mules pulling wagons in Mount Sneffels, Ouray County, Colorado. Signs top livery barn doors and read: "John Ashenfelter's Transportation Co." The Post Office and Porter Store are to the south; hills of the San Juan...
    • John Ashenfelter's Transportation Co. (Sneffels, Colo.)--1890-1900.; Sneffels (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Animal teams--Colorado--Sneffels--1890-1900.; Carts & wagons--Colorado--Sneffels--1890-1900.; Mules--Colorado--Sneffels--1890-1900.;...
    • 1890
    • Buena Vista Mine & Pike's Peak

    • View of Buena Vista Mine in Teller County, Colorado. Shows partially constructed wood shafthouse with head frame, windlass, miners, and harnessed mule. Pikes Peak is in the distance.
    • Buena Vista Mine (Teller County, Colo.)--1880-1900.; Teller County (Colo.)--1880-1900.; Miners--Colorado--Teller County--1880-1900.; Mining--Colorado--Teller County--1880-1900.
    • [between 1882 and 1900?]
    • Denver High School: East Side Annual 1913

    • 1913 Yearbook from East Denver High School.
    • East High School (Denver, Colo.)--Students--Yearbooks.; Denver Public Schools--Students--Yearbooks.; School yearbooks--Colorado--Denver.
    • 1913
    • Sled dogs in training under Stuart Mace, Camp Hale, Colorado

    • Stuart Mace stands behind his dog sled with eight dogs harnessed to it in a snow covered field at Camp Hale, Colorado.
    • Camp Hale (Colo.)--1940-1950.; Dog teams--Colorado--Camp Hale--1940-1950.; Soldiers--Colorado--Camp Hale--1940-1950.; Mace, Stuart.; United States. Army. Mountain Division, 10th.
    • 1943 or 1944
    • "Happy Home Bread" - horse drawn wagon

    • A man holds the reins of a horse harnessed to a wagon in the stable for the Happy Home Bread Company, probably Denver, Colorado. The man wears a suit, bow tie and hat. Additional wagons for the company are lined up behind him in a covered garage.
    • Happy Home Bread Company--1900-1930.; Denver (Colo.)--1900-1930.; Carts & wagons--Colorado--Denver--1900-1930.; Horses--Colorado--Denver--1900-1930.; Interiors--Colorado--Denver--1900-1930.; Stables--Colorado--Denver--1900-1930.
    • [between 1900 and 1930?]
    • Manual Annual: 1908

    • Yearbook for Denver Manual Training High School 1908.
    • Manual High School (Denver, Colo.)--Students--Yearbooks.; Denver Public Schools--Students--Yearbooks.; School yearbooks--Colorado--Denver.; High schools--Colorado--Denver--Periodicals.
    • 1908
    • Denver Municipal Facts: Volume 4 Number 26, 1912 June 29

    • Newsletter produced by the City of Denver highlighting the civic, administrative, and informational aspects of government within the City.
    • Local government--Colorado--Denver.; Cities and towns--Colorado--Denver.
    • 19120629


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